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Home Office - HO - 26/05/23
Data Engineer (Júnior) - INGLÊS AVANÇADO

You will be expected to:

Have exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills Are self motivated and able to work
independently with minimum supervision. Have experience writing modern data pipelines deployed in
the cloud. Have worked on agile teams to deliver software iteratively.

We are looking for a professional who has:

Have a BS in an engineering field OR can make us feel in#8208 tensely confident that you don’t need one.
Some experience working with data as a software devel#8208 oper or data practitioner. Have exceptional
analytical and problem-solving skills

It would be great, if you had already had the opportunity to work with:

Can show us one or more passion projects or open-source work you have contributed to in your own
time. Have experience with AWS, Airflow, Docker, Qlik Replicate, or Fivetran.

Empresa .....: Randstad
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